Solar Street Light (all in one/all in two/split)


With the improvement of people's life and the continuous development of society, in order to make the sun give the earth light at night for human lighting. Solar street light came into being. It uses high-quality and efficient solar silicon and toughened glass production of solar cell power supply, safe, reliable, long life. Optimized low energy consumption control circuit, overcharge and over discharge protection, automatic photometric control, reliable performance. This lighting method is energy-saving and very environmentally friendly.  If you are looking for a reliable street lamp supplier, LONGT is a perfect choice.

LONGT has rich experience in producing the solar street light and our project case all over the world, leading LED street light manufacturer. We have many big project cases in Uganda, Botswana, Senegal, Kenya and other African countries. These countries have unique sunshine advantages, which are very suitable for the use of solar street light. All projects have been in normal operation for more than five years and has been widely praised by the owner.

Our company can provide whole set of solar street light, such as lamp, solar panel , battery, controller and poles. Our factory has mature production lines and advanced production equipment for all-in-one solar street lights. Our annual production capacity reaches more than 100,000 sets. Our strong production capacity can meet the owner's engineering and delivery needs.


In addition, we also have a strong design and R & D team . LED solar street light can be customized according to customer requirements. Our team can design many kinds of solar street lighting shape which are suitable for the installation site. Our technical team can provide solar street lamp parameters that match the local climate. The engineering plastic lampshade with high strength, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance has strong light. Solar panels can be configured according to different regions. Using high transparent glass, the solar conductivity is 91.42%, and the conversion efficiency of single crystal silicon solar panel is 16% ~ 17%, which can work in harsh conditions. Battery with excellent performance price ratio and maintenance free lead acid battery in normal condition. In low temperature condition, if the temperature is lower than – 7℃. We suggest use buried type, colloid battery is recommended. The battery has large capacity and can work normally for 5-7 consecutive cloudy days. Underground gel battery is the best way to keep battery life long. transmittance. Also , Lithium battery is also very popular now. It is smaller and lighter. It can be directly installed on the pole or in the lamp. It is more widely used in the integrated solar street lamp. Battery box with high quality materials which are used to resist impact, corrosion, water and anti-theft. Our integrated controller has perfect protection function: load short circuit; Reverse discharge protection; Pole reverse protection; Lightning protection and energy saving mode: it can be divided into three periods, each time period can be set arbitrarily, according to the different use environment, each period can be set to off state. 

In addition to providing products, we can also provide design and installation services and complete after-sales services. If you have any related project case with solar street lighting, please contact us without any hesitation. We can offer you a best solution!

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