The "Light of the Dragon" lights up the Yangzhou Expressway

March 09, 2023

The "Light of the Dragon" lights up the Yangzhou Expressway

The road is the skeleton of the city, and its night lighting is an important window to dress up the appearance of the city and shape the image of the city.

Recently, the high-profile Yangzhou Canal Express Road, Wanfu Express Road lighting engineering project completed successfully and passed the acceptance, marking the completion of Yangzhou inner ring Express road lighting engineering project.

When the lights first came on, the Yangzhou Express Road, which flew over the sky and connected in all directions, was colorful and beautiful, attracting the attention of the media such as "Study Country", "Yangzhou Daily" and "Yangzhou Evening News".

Longteng Lighting as the Yangzhou Canal expressway, Wanfu expressway lighting project construction unit, mainly undertake the canal road phase I pilot section, Canal Road phase I, Canal Road phase II, Jiangguang Expressway, Zhuyu Bay Bridge main line and ramp guardrail lighting, box beam lighting, pier lighting and tunnel open section lighting, bridge lighting and other projects.

In order to make Yangzhou inner ring highway lighting beautification project reflect Yangzhou city characteristics and cultural heritage, during the construction process of Longteng lighting, the overall night view lighting is divided and designed in the way of "four belts" and "multi-point" beaded lines.

The "group" integration of full-color discolored casting lights, point light sources, line lights, wall washing lights and other "group" creates a rich sense of hierarchy, three-dimensional sense and sense of order, Outlines the orderly light and shade, moving scenery night effect, which is praised by the public as the new "appearance level" of Yangzhou city at night.

It is worth mentioning that Yangzhou inner ring highway lighting beautification project also used a single light single point monitoring control, cable anti-theft system, leakage monitoring system and many other "black technology", and pay attention to people-oriented, green energy saving and emission reduction.

This project has a large volume and a long construction period. Longteng Lighting will organize talented troops to participate in it. Centering on the three links of "before, during and after", wall chart operation, inverted schedule, scientific management and careful organization, ensure the smooth completion of the project construction, which was notified and praised by Yangzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government.

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