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LTSSL-60w/8m, Solar Street Light 60w, 8m pole, 2*90w solar panel, 2*100Ah gel battery

Applications: radiation 4 hours per day

Working mode: 10 hours per day, 100% power in the first 5 hours, 50% power in the second 5 hours.

Back up: 2 rainy days back up

Warranty: 3 years warranty for all the system. 5 years life span

System Voltage: 24V


Light source

60w LED Street Light, Bridgelux/Philips chip, 50000 hours life span, 7200 Lumens, 3 years warranty

Solar Panel

Polysilicon PV modular, 2pcs of 90w, 17%-19% convert rate, 10 years warranty

Storage Battery

Deep cycle gel battery, 2*100Ah capacitor, 3 years warranty


24V/10A Intelligent controller, light control, time control, with overcharge protection, with remote control to turn on and off.

Battery box

Buried in the ground: ABS Plastic waterproof

Hang up on the pole: galvanized steel

Light post

Material: Q235, Height: 8m, thickness: 3.5mm, finishing: hot dip galvanized and power coated with RAL color, with base plate and anchor bolts


2*2.5mm2 copper cable

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